Sunday, 18 January 2015

Relevant Fashion Style Associated with Music Genre:

Marina and The Diamonds:
Marinas fashion style is retro, classy and cartoonish. Her unique clothing textures and patterns add a touch of freedom but give a sophisticated look.

Her hair is unusual as she has died it half blonde, blue/blonde adding a sense of wildness to her look.

Lana Del Rey:
Lana's dress style is alike marinas in the sense that it is unique and retro. However, Lana brings more of a smooth, lounge singer feel to her wardrobe. 

Her hair and make up also bring this feel as she has heavily made up lips and glossy curly hair.

Florence and the Machine:
Florence's fashion style is vintage and unique. She wears prints, many blouses and her clothing items are usually bouncy and light. Her vintage look also has a hippie feel with the blouses in colours such as brown and red, this is a smooth relaxing colour scheme.

Her hair and make up is unique as she has red hair and a fringe above her eyebrows, she also wears red lips making them stand out.

FKA Twigs:
FKA's fashion style is unique with modern and old twists. Her clothes usually consist of bold colours, patterns and decoration. Her style also has a sense of freedom.

Her hair is usually in plaited buns and pigtails showing her wacky freedom and thoughts. Her lips are also made up to draw a look of sophistication to her face.

People who have been influenced by, are into this music genre, and like the retro look, have similar looks adding their own unique aspects and sophistication to there wardrobes. Their clothes insist of fur, patterns and light items. They also wear made up lips to add definition to their lips.

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