Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Examples Of Other Texts:

V (Spain)V (US)Hip Gwyneth on VSize issue V mag

I like the symmetrical title of V magazine and the fact it is transparent so the image isn't hidden. I might take this as inspiration and create a different look which draws your attention to the person and not drawing it away from the title. Also with these covers its all about the right pose for the right look and the right person, i may also want to use this idea when it comes to making my own magazine.

Harpers Bazaar (Spain)Blunt BazaarHarpers Bazaar (US)Harpers Bazaar (Spain)

I like the colour schemes used in BAZAAR's magazine covers  and how they are all different sized images but all achieve a retro look. I may want to use these covers as inspiration using the retro clothing, hair, make up and colours. Also they all use serious, seductive facial expressions, which i might transfer to my own magazine.

Interview (Germany)Interview (Germany)Interview (US)A winter vibe?

I like the repetitive way that most of Interview magazines covers have the titles across the top, also the colours used are very basic but effective making the covers look simple and clean but effective. These covers focus on beauty weather its natural or different. I might take the simplicity and beauty from these covers and use it in my own magazine.

W (US)W (US)Stylish WStylish W

I like the peachy colours used in W magazines covers and there is also an intimate feeling either involving a man and a woman or a woman in revealing clothing. I may want to use the sense of intimacy in my own magazine, with either clothing or facial expression. Heavy lipstick will also give a seductive or important feel to the magazine.

i-Di-D (UK)12 covers i-Di-D

I like the simple use of the title, image and a small other piece of text, this gives the audience few things to look at drawing their attention to the cover and keeping them interested. I might want to use this as inspiration by using an image that stands out and isn't lost behind large amounts of text however, makes them read the title and other simple text. I may also want my magazine to be simple but effective.

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