Sunday, 18 January 2015

Chosen Title of Magazine:

I have chosen the name posh as my magazine title:

The name posh is pop and ssh combined, as my chosen music style is indie pop and the vocals within this genre are unique and sometimes hushed. Whispering is a different way of using your voice which is what the shh means. I feel this goes with my chosen genre as the music is inventive. Indie pop one of my chosen genres consists of different music styles, my title consists of two different words. Posh is usually linked to the idea of sophistication, which is what my chosen music artists have within their music and look. People who are thought to be posh have more freedom to do things then other people, as people think them to have money and luxuries. This also links to my chosen music genres as the artist have freedom with their music and don't have to stick to one specific musical style.

I have chosen the base my magazine cover on BAZAAR magazine, as their name is unique and is a word used to describe something. Therefore it is a good choice as it as indie aspects. The look used in BAZAAR magazine also has a retro, sophisticated look which links to the look of my chosen music genre and i will use this to add my own unique twist.

This font may be used on my magazine as it looks clean and neat however, it also has a sophisticated feel to it. Each letter has been neatly drawn and had thought put into, which links to the thought that goes into the music my chosen artists create. The title also allows itself to attract readers who are interested in certain aspects. I wont my font to make the title flow and look smooth among my image, as Lana Del Rey and Florence and the Machine who are two of my chosen artists, use a smooth, lounge, classical feel to their music. This is what i want my title to have a feel of with look and sound.

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