Wednesday, 28 January 2015

60 Minute Cover Task:

 I used this cover of BAZAAR magazine as my inspiration for the task. I wanted to use it because it used contrasts of sophistication and urban writing. Also the use of the colour red on the black and white is very effective.
 We started off by using a blank background before we added anything to it.

 I used this photo of marina and the diamonds because it is similar to the one used of the girl on BAZAAR magazine. Also I want to use Marina and the Diamonds in my magazine. 
 I used the font Constantia as it was simple yet it looked stylish. The name also added a sense of glamour and mystery.
 I put the barcode here as this is where BAZAAR put theirs and i liked their layout, also it it visible yet it doesn't take the focus away from the rest of the magazine.
 I then added this text because i thought it was relevant explaining who is on the cover. I also wanted it shaped to her body to emphasize her curvaceous figure. The use of the Blue text took the harshness out of the black and white, it also drew attention to the name of the artist.
Finally i added the date, price and issue number. The date fitted underneath the T and E in the title. The issue number and price both fitted along the top of the barcode so it looks neat and visible however, its out the way. The font was small so it fitted neatly in smaller paces as it was not the main focus of the cover.

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