Sunday, 18 January 2015

Audience UK Tribes Research:

I want my magazine to attract different variety of audiences.

Young Alts:
Young alts experiment with different fashion types making them a possible audience for my magazine, as my genre might interest them. The retro look is a different fashion that might inspire them. They are also into Heritage bands, so they might be interested in Marina and the Diamonds or Florence and the Machine.

Indie Scenesters:
These might also be a possible audience and they are looking out for new music types and genres. They like to be different and ahead of everyone else with a passion for music. Doing this they also like vinyls and records which are a retro aspect

They are into working hard and being creative. My chosen music style is one that requires imagination and thought, making creatives possible readers as they might be interested in new creative things to work on. The different patterns and fashion styles might influence their art and design.

These might also be attracted to my magazine because they like splashing the cash and heritage clothing, the fashion style i am using in my magazine might intrigue them for style inspiration. My magazine will have a pampered, sophisticated look attracting these 'Daddy's girls'.

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