Friday, 17 April 2015

DRAFT 7.Looking back at your preliminary task (the continuity editing task), what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to full product?


The progression from my preliminary task to my final magazine has improved largely. As I had no understanding of many of the equipment or sites that I have used. Now i am able to use these sites with a good understanding to create something that looks professional.

As when creating my preliminary exercise I had no knowledge of using Photoshop so it was new to me. Also i didn't really know how to place layers so my layout was basic. My main skills on Photoshop early on were adding and moving a text box or image. However the preliminary exercise helped me to get a better understanding of how Photoshop works for when improving my skills to create my final piece. Every piece that I created had its own faults, I then used these to learn from them and improve on my layouts.

As i progressed with the media course I feel I have a better understanding on how to aim a magazine at a target audience and to create a pacific look for a magazine. As when I was creating the college magazine I was not thinking of who I was aiming at and i was just creating a magazine that I liked. However, as the course and my research progressed I learn't how to use different layouts to attract different audiences. Also the Name, style and content interested different groups of people so this was important. My research on UK Tribes website helped me to identify this.

When we created the preliminary magazine I had no knowledge of how to use a professional camera. At the start i would ask another student to set it up for me or I would use it after another student I sometimes I didn't need to set it up. As the course progressed I was able to set up the camera and attach it to the tripod by myself. This process then became quicker and i was able to take more photos to capture the shot that I wanted. I also learnt how the lighting affects the quality of the image. Before I would leave the lights as they had been left. As I progressed into the coursework I discovered that the placement of the lights can make a picture darker or brighter. I moved them when taking my photos for my final magazine.

When making the draft of my final magazine I learnt basic things such as how a model should pose. I then had to change to outfit of my model as the black and white clashed with the text. Also I had to change the way my model was posing, She was previously not making eye contact with the camera looking away with her hand on her chin. I then had to change this so my artist was central and making eye contact with no arms showing. This made my magazine cover look more professional and symmetrical. From this i learn't ways to take cover photos and i began to notice how other cover photos were taken.

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