Thursday, 16 April 2015

DRAFT 4. Who would be the audience for your media product?


The chosen audience for my magazine is mainly females aged 16-23 years, who are interested in quirky, retro and indie fashion and music. These people also like the stand out from the crowd looking to be different compared to normal pop music. Looking on the UK Tribes website researching for my target audience I found my target audience is Indie Scenesters and RAH's, these are both groups that like to stand out from the crows with either labels or their unique fashion style. This appeals to me as as they are willing to listen to new music and fashion styles, my quirky magazine will then interest and inspire them. The research I did using UK Tribes as helped me throughout making my magazine as I produced a magazine that would appeal to my desired audience. This was particularly useful when it came to designing my layout as I did not want to make it modern and futuristic. Another main interest for my audience would be fashion, therefore they will be interested in my magazine as it includes unique fashions across the pages. My audience will also have an interest in films especially indie ones as this is popular for an audience who like indie music.

My monthly magazine price is £4.99 which I feel is a reasonable price as the teenagers I am aiming it at such as RAH's are known as daddy's girls and they will have the money to spend on my magazine along with their brands. The money from my magazine would help to improve my magazine to engage my audience more in the future. My chosen audience is people who want to create a posh unique image for themselves. My contents page shows this as it is neat and elegant, I used research from looking at other contents pages to create this look. BAZAAR magazine is similar to mine as I have taken fashion and font inspiration however, I have not fully copied their pages. I have given my own magazine a retro look with a modern twist making it more appealing to a younger audience. As I took most of my inspiration from BAZAAR magazine I feel people who are interested in BAZAAR will also be interested in my magazine.

The main artists and bands that my audience would listen to are: Marina and the Diamonds, Lana Del Rey and Halsey. I have listed these on the cover of my magazine which indicates the music interests of my chosen audience. Another aspect within my magazine but with music being the main focus. This would then appeal to my audience because they can read up on their passion for music however, they can also look up on fashion and other interesting quirky things.

I think my magazines cover, contents and double page spread represents the indie/quirky market as my models are wearing unique clothing, my layout is also simple and elegant. This makes it unlike other mainstream magazines. I have decided to lay out my cover page without a boarder, this is because I wanted it to look like BAZAAR, Interview and W's magazine covers. Their magazines appeal to my target audience so they will understand my chosen layout. 

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