Tuesday, 14 April 2015

DRAFT 2. How does your media product represent particular social groups?


My media product represents particular social groups such as Indie Scenesters and RAH's. I used UK tribes to research social groups

Indie Scenesters:
These were a possible audience as they look out for new music types and genres. They like to be different and ahead of everyone else with a passion for music. Doing this they also like vinyls and records which are a retro aspect. My media product represents this particular social group as they have retro interests which is a look i used within my magazine. I mentioned record shops in my contents page which will also attract this social group as they have an interest in records and vinyls. Their passion for looking into different music types will interest them into my magazine as it will interest them. 

This social group will also be attracted to my magazine because they are known to splash their cash on heritage clothing. The fashion style i am using in my magazine might intrigue them as they could be inspired because it looks posh and sophisticated. My magazine has a pampered, sophisticated look attracting these 'Daddy's girls'. 

My magazine will also attract this social group because it is a female based magazine. As my magazine is aimed at a wealthier audience my price needed to be higher, the higher price could also indicate it is a good quality magazine with plenty of content. The music genre of my magazine will also attract RAH's as the artists i have used are similar to this social group.

I have used Marina and the Diamonds for inspiration as she is a commonly loved artist by my target audience. She has a unique retro fashion, I then styled my artist similarly so my target audience would be interested in my magazine when looking at its cover.

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