Thursday, 16 April 2015

DRAFT 3. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

An institution company that I want to publish my magazine is COMAG. Through research I found a few companies that could publish my magazine, however one particular one would be COMAG. 

Clash magazine is also published my COMAG institution. This is also a magazine that I took inspiration from when I was doing my research. Models and artists used in The Clash magazine covers were also part of my inspiration for the style of my model and music genre. On this cover of Clash magazine is FKA Twigs who was part of my music inspiration. COMAG started in 1990 so it offers many years and experience on how to reach a magazines intended audience. As COMAG knowing how to reach an audience is important to me as I would like my magazine to reach out to a younger audience was my magazine has quirkiness. I would also like my magazine to reach out to an older audience as it contains elements of sophistication and is simplistic. As COMAG has this knowledge of target audiences COMAG would place my magazine in shops and areas where it would reach my target audience. 

I would like to think that COMAG would use their knowledge of publications and put this towards my magazine so its forcefulness could grow. As COMAG has established itself in the media text market it has a number of Alternative magazines, Therefore my magazine would add more variety to this category. As I am confident in the unique Quirkiness of my magazine I feel COMAG would do well to help its success. 

My magazine is priced at £4.99, this is priced higher then other music magazines however I have taken inspiration from BAZAAR magazine which has a higher price. I have taken this inspiration as BAZAAR has a similar target audience so it is an indication as to what my target audience would be willing to pay. A higher price also indicates the quality of the magazine is better as the money made from magazines it put into future issues. As an addition in my magazine I will include advertisements such as up coming albums and films. My magazine would also include pages of fashion adverts that will feature brands similar to the style of my magazine, such as River Island and Ted Baker. This will also include unique vintage clothing stores as my magazine has a quirky element. These advertisements will draw in my target audience as the content includes their interests. COMAG have experience of advertisement for this style and will know the best ways to reach a particular audience, so they will be willing to                                                                  take on my magazine to publish it.

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