Friday, 17 April 2015

DRAFT 6. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?


I have experimented with a variety of technologies that were new to me when doing my coursework. I have used these and they indicate my skills within this area. As I have progressed my way across the course I have learnt how to use software i didn't know how to use before. 

I have used a computer during the entire process. It has given me the opportunity to use other websites and programs. It has also helped me to do research which was a vital part of creating my magazine.I have used the school computer and my own laptop at home. I mainly used the school computers as my own laptop is new to me and I am not confident using new programs on it. 
Adobe Photoshop:
I used this software to create my magazine I had no previous experience of using Photoshop before we did the preliminary exercise. As we progressed further into the course I picked up the skills and knowledge of Photoshop and created a magazine I was proud of

Mircosoft Word:
I did not use Microsoft word much in the course. I relied on it mainly to check my spelling and word count. I would write my posts onto word before transferring them onto blogger. This was because I am familiar with word however it doesn't offer many tools.

I have used blogger since i started the course, I post my research and what i have learnt throughout the process. This has been useful as I have been able to go back and look at my previous work especially my development and decisions. It has also been a vital part of my presentation as it looks neat and professional. 

I used this software early on in the magazine making process before my draft magazine pages. I used it for creating a pitch for my magazine idea, I had never used Animoto before I started the coursework, I realized it was simple and easy to use. It helped to create a stylish view of my magazine early on introducing new skills. 

Camera (Nikon D3200)
This was the schools camera which I used to take my images in my magazine. At first I struggled to use it as I was new to using a good quality camera however, once I learnt how to place it onto the tripod I was able to figure out how to use it. Overall the camera gave me good quality images. 

To take my images I used three soft lighting boxes, these created good quality lighting. However as i took my photos of my different models not at the same time, the lights were placed slightly differently each time this meant the lighting in my photos was not the same as on some the background looked grey and on others it looked white. When it came to taking my final images with my main artist I had to have two attempts, as the first set of photos came out too bright as the lights were too close.  

The internet was particularly useful when it came to research, for this I mainly used google chrome. I carried out research throughout my course work so it was very important providing me with my inspiration. The internet also provided me with the ability to use sites such as Animoto which made my planning and presentation more professional. 

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