Friday, 17 April 2015

DRAFT 5. How did you attract/address your audience?


I attracted my audience in many ways. The main way I attracted them was through my front cover. I achieved this by using an image that stands out including a model who is uniquely dressed with a large hat that is eye catching. I also wanted to keep my designs simple and not cover crowded as i feel this can look messy. Also the image and magazine becomes lost underneath writing, because of this you lose your audience. My model used in my cover image is the same age as my target audience, there fore my target audience will be attracted to this. However my image is not bright therefore it will be be eye catching to the audience and as i didn't use a boarder the image could become lost.

My magazines audience is Indie Scenesters and RAH's, I discovered this when researching facts on UK Tribes. This then helped me when looking at layouts for my magazine that would attract my target audience as this was vital to see which market I was working in. Learning how to address my target audience within my magazine is important as this will help me decide how I am marketing my magazine. This will determine my final product and how it will sell in the retail market. I have kept an open mind during the process of my magazine and how I would market it.

I think my magazine is something that will have success in the media text/magazine area. I think this because I have not used a boarder as other unique magazines have, not using a boarder makes the cover stand out as there is more to look at on the page. Also my fonts and their placement are neat, they are also based on other magazine layouts that have had success such as BAZAAR. Because of this I have confidence in my magazine doing well in the high end market. Another thing that has helped create my magazine to be more appealing is the name of my magazine. I am happy with my name as it best describes the feelings of my target audience who are wanna be's. Because of the elegant name I felt my magazine needed to have an elegant layout, which then helped to give me ideas as to what my target audience would want to see in a magazine. 

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