Friday, 6 February 2015

Magazine Draft:

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  1. Bekki

    There is a reasonable idea here but we need to strengthen the clarity of your vision.

    1. The cover model is betwixt and between tow different styles. The extravagant fur (faux) she is wearing doesn't match the very twee striped top. She must also be face on to the reader to attract our eye and draw us in.
    2. Keep her hands and arms off her face as this makes it too difficult to frame the image, also 'glamour' has the wrong connotations
    3. Look at pricing, PRIMADONNA has associations with opulence and wealth, £2.99 is far too cheap for a magazine of your ilk.
    4. Stick to a one page contents and build from a 3 grid base. Include a variety of images on your contents
    5. Costume changes will be needed for your artist
    6. Look at the Marina and the diamonds cover from FOAM and DPS from FLAUNT and follow the DPS style model